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NHS grant targets an mHealth device for point-of-care diagnostics

The National Science Foundation has awarded $10 million to a team of researchers to develop an mHealth device – either a wearable or mobile microscope – that uses light-sensing technology to diagnose and monitor health conditions.



Digital Health beats physical exam for accuracy in one study

Canadian researchers have found that an mHealth app on an iPhone performed better than the traditional in-person exam for doctors measuring blood flow in a patient’s wrist.



Apple kicks off heart study

Apple (in collaboration with Stanford Medicine) just kicked off their first heart study. This will lead to an unprecedented study population and it’s just the beginning. Combining digital consumer health and wearables will shift the entire clinical research industry from traditional facilities to tech players!



Good prognosis for Digital Health

‚Digital health is an umbrella term for anything which, as the US Food and Drug Administration puts it, enables the „convergence of people, information, technology and connectivity to improve health care and health outcomes“


Integration of Digital Health in cars unleashes amazing opportunities

The mass introduction of 5G and satellites will lay the foundation for linking the automotive industry up with other industries outside the traditional ecosystem, paving the way for intelligent, cross-segment partnerships. In future cars will see built in, brought in and beamed in / cloud enabled applications of health wellness and well-being in cars.


Global E-Health Market projected to reach USD 195.58 billion by 2021

With the application of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in healthcare, everyone can get access to proper healthcare facilities. An infrastructural support with better electronic systems and internet connections are required for ICT to be put into full-fledged use.


Digital health reduces wait times

The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) released a survey How Canada Compares:  Results From The Commonwealth Fund’s 2016 International Health Policy Survey of Adults in 11 Countries, which shows that Canadians report some of the longest wait times for doctors, specialists and emergency department visits compared to citizens in peer countries.



HealthCare 2020: The e-Doctor Will See You Now

Technology has transformed industries ranging from recorded music to retail to travel, but from the consumer’s point of view, healthcare has remained stubbornly analog.

Visit a doctor in 2016 and there’s still a good chance that you’ll encounter the same paper form and clipboard you might have used 30 years ago. Since your doctor probably can’t access your health history via an online-based file, you are still forced to rely on your memory, which may obscure a potentially life-saving detail from your past.

Happily, at least the paper-and-clipboard part of that scenario may finally be a thing of the past by 2020. You may not enter a doctor’s office at all in fact as “telemedicine” and videoconferenced doctor visits become more common. Patients will also continue to take more control of their health care by accessing the latest information and using cloud-connected wearables to monitor their health. The most exciting change though will be the effect of artificial intelligence on diagnoses and medical problem solving which will, for the first time, pool humanity’s mental resources to take on scourges like cancer and diabetes.




Apple CEO Cook: Healthcare may make smartphone market ‘look small’

Apple CEO Tim Cook says that the healthcare market’s potential could dwarf the smartphone market that accounts for some 65% of ... Mehr lesen


How smartphones are transforming healthcare

Powerful new apps are turning our phones into mobile medical clinics. Could this help solve the issue of rising healthcare costs?

Financial Times


May announces £67.7 million for digital mental health

UK prime minister Theresa May has announced £67.7 million of funding for digital mental health services. May made the announcem... Mehr lesen


Amazon in Digital Health? What the Future Might Look Like

In this series on Amazon’s Echo, Maneesh explores how Amazon & others are bringing tools powered by a number of emerging technologies into the hands of the average consumer, how those consumers are using these tools to manage their health, and how our daily conversations might well reframe how we view Digital Health.


Digital Health Market Size to Grow at Over 25.9% CAGR

Digital Health Market size is estimated to exceed USD 379 billion by 2024; as per a new research report by Global Market Insigh... Mehr lesen


NHS Digital’s plans for a digital NHS

The NHS is taking another run at digital transformation. At a national level, much of the “heavy lifting” is falling to NHS Digital. Ben Heather talks to three of the new organisation’s leaders about what coming for a digital NHS.


Here is Apple’s smart plan for digital health

Apple wants to expand HealthKit from being a basic fitness tracker to becoming a useful diagnosis tool. “Health is a huge issue around the world and we think it’s ripe for simplicity and a new view,” Apple CEO, Tim Cook told a May conference in Amsterdam.


Digital technologies to help enhance Saudi health services: Study

KPMG International and the Nuffield Trust, a charitable trust with a mission to improve healthcare services in the United Kingdom, have recently published a report that highlights how digital technologies can help enhance health services.

Saudi Gazette


With Watson Health, IBM bets big on health care

Since IBM Watson Health was launched in 2015, the company has made four acquisitions worth about $4 billion and forged numerous partnerships with major hospitals, drug makers, and other companies.

Boston Globe


Graphnet plugs wearables into care record

A project to improve the care of patients with epilepsy has led to the launch of a Graphnet product that combines wearable technology, data analysis, and digital care records.


Audi partners with digital health incubator to tone up startups and drivers

With its involvement, Audi is accelerating to develop “automotive health” as new business area – dedicated to enhance customer’s health and fitness while driving.

Automotive World


Philips launches line of clinically validated consumer health devices

Royal Philips is launching a big, consumer-focused push into digital health by introducing a line of medical-grade, connected health monitoring devices and integration with a mobile app and the company’s HealthSuite digital health platform.

Med City News


Large Employers Leverage Digital Health Tools to Offer Telehealth Benefits

Employers, take note: Telehealth is one of the newest shifts in digital health trends, and it might soon impact your ability to attract top talent.

Samsung Insights


The digital health leap

PWC’s ‚The Digital Healthcare Leap‘ highlights insights into how digital health could be an answer to the emerging markets’ challenge to achieve sustainable growth


Here’s how payers are betting on digital health

In the past five years, health insurers have sunk a total of $900 million into digital health startups. That includes 2016, which isn’t even over yet.

Med City News


Ireland eReferral roll-out complete

Every hospital in Ireland can now receive electronic referrals after full implementation was completed in July.


The story of digital health

Digital health is the convergence of the digital and genomic revolutions with health, healthcare, living, and society.

Paul Sonnier


Global market for connected wearables, health devices expected to reach $612B by 2024

The demand for wearable medical devices and remote patient monitoring systems is increasing, and the global market is expected to reach $612 billion in the next eight years



What’s behind expansion of personalization of healthcare?

Personalized healthcare isn’t solely based on genetics, it also means providing individuals with tools like digital health and fitness apps, telemedicine providers, and at-home testing kits.



Using digital screens to inspire better health

Digital signage is an industry that just keeps getting bigger. Reports show that digital signage adds a 31.8 percent upswing in overall sales volume.



Electronic Medical Records a reality in India – What If?

Fast Forward – It is the year 2020 and India is reaping the benefits of Prime Minister Modi’s ambitious Digital India initiative. The healthcare sector among several others appears to be upbeat. An appointment with a doctor is more convenient now, whether the practitioner is from the local vicinity or from a clinic at a district or state level, given that medical history records are now accessible at a click of a button.


Digital Consumer Health

Der allgemeine Überbegriff lautet hier „Technology Enabled Care“ (TEC), also die durch Technologie unterstützten medizinischen ... Mehr lesen


Doctor logs in to digital health role

A doctor from North Tyneside is lending his expertise to millions of patients as he takes on a new role.



Things are looking app

Mobile health apps are becoming more capable and potentially rather useful

The Economist


Impact of Digital Health on the Pharmaceutical Industry

Digital Health will transform the business models of the Pharmaceutical industry. Although many companies have not yet formulated a concise Digital Health strategy, industry executives expect that by 2020, Digital Health will enable Pharmaceutical companies to activate new business segments as well as to significantly improve their competitive advantage.

Arthur D Little


Apple CareKit: Are Consumers Ready for Tech-Enabled Home Health?

Deloitte’s Harry Greenspun talks about what research is revealing when it comes to consumers and caregivers plugging into tech-enabled home health.

HIT Consultant


MyWard: Award-winning electronic wipeboard system improves NHS care

MyWard is an at-a-glance visual storyboard that allows staff to get a clear picture of the ward in one place – and it’s been honoured at the Tech4Good Awards.


Medtech Companies Need to Transform While Times Are Still Good

The medical technology (medtech) sector has been highly attractive to investors for more than a decade, delivering total shareholder returns of nearly 350% between 2001 and 2015. But sales growth has leveled off considerably in recent years and now hovers at around 4%.  There are many reasons for this, including the pressure to reduce health care costs, the increasing power of economic stakeholders in purchasing decisions, more consolidated and sophisticated health systems, new low-cost competitors, and the ubiquity of information with which to assess value.

Boston Consulting Group


Mid-Year: 5 Trends Shaping Telemedicine in 2016

The telemedicine industry is an exciting, dynamic place to be right now. As with many maturing industries, not only is telemedicine itself evolving, but also the trends that drive its evolution.

HIT Consultant


China’s Digital Health-Care Revolution

In 2014, approximately $700 million in venture funding poured into digital health care in China, with investors supporting all things digital, from e-commerce to online physician-and-patient communication services to disease management apps. This is just the beginning.

Boston Consulting Group


Can the NHS bank on IT for productivity gains?

NHS England is bidding for billions of IT investment to improve NHS productivity. If it succeeds, a McKinsey presentation obtained by Digital Health News shows that it will be required to deliver on a scale never before achieved, argues editor Jon Hoeksma.